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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming to Wii


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Finally the sequel to one of the best Final Fantasy games is coming to the Wii. Originally a mobile game, The After Years was only released in Japan but finally the rest of the world gets the chance to see what happened to following the conclusion of Final Fantasy IV.

FF IV was one of the first games I ever played and it stuck with me for years to come. When everyone was screaming about how fucking cool Cloud and Sepiroth were in FF VII, I was remembering Cecil’s transformation to a Paladin, Rosa’s time among the summon beasts, and the dramatic reveal that Kain had betrayed his friends.

Along with Shining Force and Xenogears, no one game has had such a huge impact on me artistically and creatively. Knowing that this game is coming to Wiiware overwhelms me, especially since I just played through Final Fantasy IV DS for the third time (I need all those augments and My Whyt isn’t maxed out yet).  The only problem I have with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is the graphics are still assy SNES graphics. Really, Square Enix? You couldn’t just use FFIV DS as the base for this game and create new 3d models? 

Anyway, I’m going to spent the Wii points to get this because I need to know what happens to Cecil and the other FF IV’ers. 

If you want more details on the game or to see how terrible the graphics are visit Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

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  1. I demand a remake of 7, i don’t care if the fanboys have turned against it

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