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Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds #4

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So it is Wednesday and of course I stopped by my local comic book store for my pulls and I was extremely excited to receive Legion of 3 Worlds #4. I could barely contain myself when the owner informed me that I got my wish. Of course I have no clue what he was talking about but I knew something BIG was going to happen. But on pages 26-27, there he was and I have never been so happy or surprised about a return of a fictional character ever. Spoiler Alert!



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That’s right folks, Superboy (Conner Kent) is Back! But that wasn’t the only surprise Johns had for the readers, turns out Superboy Prime is Time Trapper (until it is revealed it is someone else).


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6 Responses

  1. Sweet! But the link to the second image isn’t working.

    Been waiting to pickup LO3W til it was all out, but the returns of both Connor and Bart! I couldn’t ask for more!

  3. so hold on this comic brought back both bart and conner, so why the hell does the teen titans book still suck.

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