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Green Lantern – White Lantern Corps?

Anyone else noticed that there are eight known lantern corps yet there are nine colored panels in this image. Notably a white panel that is the opposite of the Black Lantern Corps panel. 


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Johns is really good about dropping obvious clues and still maintaining the overall mystery of the story so could this mean there will be a White Lantern Corps? Or possibly one sole White Lantern? We’ve already seen that ringbearers can have multiple colored rings on at a given time, what if there was a user who could use all the rings or somehow siphon energy from all of their sources.

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  1. from the rumors it’s the whole spectum idea the white comes form the idea of someone who controls all lanterns. eg white is total colour where as black is the absence of colour

    so basically it’s what hal will become to save everyone

  2. it’s dc every other lantern matters not to the great one that is hal

  3. If i remember it right, Johns said in an interview (sorry, I can’t find it right now) that Guy Gardner will finally have some substance behind his claim that he’s “the best lantern around” after Blackest Night, so maybe Guy ends up a White Lantern?

    Of course, by looking at how Hal’s being treated in the books right now, it wouldn’t suprise me if DC takes the easy way out and make him the “Super- Lantern” or whatever.

  4. Let’s see… Hal’s worn the green, yellow, red, and blue rings from what I’ve read so far. It’s sure a huge leap from that to him becoming the White (a merger of all colors) Lantern.

  5. What If….

    Superman was given a white lantern ring which allowed him to absorb all lantern lights and give it to other rings. I imagine since Black Lanterns represent death, White represents Life. So if Superman had a lantern ring, chargable through solar radiation, that could give/take energy from other colors what might happen? And imagine this ring being totally non-lethal ( Superman would have his powers for battle…).

    p.s. i work at Comic King North in Edmonton, AB… so i hear ideas all the time + i’m a cinematographer

    White Light is a mix of all light colors… and if you do a litmus test using a a black sharpie marker, it divides into many colors (mostly orange). Anyway, the only way DC is going to ace the White Lantern is if they acknowledge light wavelength characteristics and light’s reaction which everything… Think Chemistry

    • I fully agreee that a “White Lantern” is going to emerge from this. I also agree to the conjecture of the white ring having very limited power of it’s own. I think, however, we will much more likely see Kyle Raynor or Sodam Yat (with the powers of a Kryptonian). Both Raynor and Yat have served as Ion, and I have a sneaking feeling that The Spectre is going to be a “tide turning” character in this series. We know that The “dark” Spectre is going after Jordan, we will have to see how it plays out. I sincerely doubt that DC will abandon Hal Jordan as being anything but a Green Lantern, at least until the film is released. Well, that’s my two bits, all blind guessing, though. I have to say that Blackest Night renewed a beloved childhood hobby for me, though. I began buying GL and GLC about two years ago, and now I am at my local comic book store on Wednesday morning. Bravo, Geoff.

  6. Not for nothing but Sodom Yat was the one prophesied to be the Greatest Lantern Evar. Whether that prophesy comes true or not remains to be seen but let’s don’t forget him as a possible saviour of all things Lantern from the Black Lantern Corps.

  7. First thing’s first. I never really read any of the Green Lantern books growing up and didn’t know much about him until the JLA cartoon came out. When the introduction of the different color Lantern Corps started showing up, it sparked my interests. Gave me ideas on the different powers that could be possessed. (Loved the idea of a Black Lantern)

    Second…. The theory of a “White Lantern” could be possible. A combination of all the rings (that’s if you could get one from Larfleeze) could make that happen. White for Life, or for purity and innocence. I’ve been playing with the idea lately and just found out others had the same thought. Happy people out there are still thinking…

    And third (And I don’t want to be the screen door in everyone’s submarine), I looked at the panel above for a good 30 minutes. Yes, the artist has a white panel that could suggest a “White Lantern” in the near future… It would make since.
    But after looking at the art, look at the second to the last panel…. it seems to suggest that the first panel is really inverted from that panel (or close to it) to maybe throw you off. But that is just my thought…. but you never know. Thank you for your time… (and sorry)

  8. Just had 2 weird thoughts.
    What if:
    Larfleeze’s greed doesn’t stop with the blue ring? If he decides to get all 7 rings for himself? Would he become the “White Lantern”? Or is his greed too much to be able to handle that… (I don’t think that would work)
    Also…. what if:
    Someone gathers all 8 rings? Or better yet. You put 7 rings on someone who has a Black ring already? What would happen then? Would it give the person “life” and/or “emotions”?Just a thought…. (this may spread the flames a little bit, or be a spoiler. Again…. sorry)

  9. “One ring to rule them all…” *snickers*

  10. That first panel is just an inverted panel from the cover of black lantern #0…..It’s not white…


  11. wow looks like asdf went douche on us and did actual research on an image. Congrats on demonstrating how to waste time *claps* XD

  12. I checked out Blackest Night Superman and apparently you can feel all the emotions of the spectrum at one time. Or at least Clark did when he started to fight Black Lantern Kal-L

  13. Oneoff, I didn’t invert the image in fact I found the image at the deviantart page of the colorist. Also if you don’t believe there will be a White Lantern Corp check BN: Titans #1.

  14. What I’m most curious about is the fate of Hal *and* Sinestro…

    Hal has already had experience with most of the rings — Green (obviously), Yellow, Red, Blue, the Orange Lantern itself (if not an Orange ring), etc. The Violet is Carol now, and perhaps with her death at some point in the story arc her ring with go to him, and if he gets a staff from the Indigo Tribe (since they aren’t a “Corps” and don’t appear to have rings, but who knows just yet), plus 3 rings on each hand, boom, White Lantern, which is the only logical conclusion, based on Johns’ metaphor of the spectrum of colors as harnessed power in the Corps/Rings/Indigo Tribe Staff and with the Black Lanterns representing death.

    But Sinestro is equally important to the prophecy, as it’s already been stated and/or hinted, so he must be considered as potential second White Lantern. (Clearly Kyle and John and Guy are candidates, too, along with various other Lanterns, and not just some of the Green ones).

    He’s also had the Green and Yellow rings, Carol recently exposed his love for Abin’s sister (plus we know he has a daughter, now), and I’m sure there are any number of ways Johns can get Sinestro to possess the 6 rings and an Indigo Staff/ring, too.

    I’m also curious about what happens after Hal, and maybe Sinestro, become White Lanterns and bring the Black Lanterns back to life. Does filling all those people with the complete spectrum of emotions drain Hal, and maybe Sinestro, and the other possible White Lanterns, of their own lives? Could Johns have written “Rebirth”, bringing both Hal and Sinestro (and the rest) back, and then raising them both up to White Lantern status, only to “kill” them both/all again?

    I’m not a huge Johns fan, which is to say I don’t think everything he writes is brilliant, but he is a damn good writer, working with some great fellow writers and artists on GL and the Corps for the past 5 years or so (Tomasi is pretty good, and their editors are great), and ultimately his idea of the Green Lanterns as the center, or balance/fulcrum, of the spectrum of emotions is freakin’ brilliant. Guessing the ending of what he’s been thinking about for years is seemingly impossible, but it’s fun to try.

  15. I had a funny thought. If you think about it, it’s perfect.

    The White Lantern should go to… Bizarro.

    Somebody, anybody, kill Bizarro. Give him a black lantern ring. His moment to shine as a hero for once. And because he’s backwards, being dead might fix him into actually helping. If he stays in his nature, he could save everyone and he would be threatening everyone as he does it.

    What do you think?

  16. “Dawn Granger of Earth, you have great peace and life. Welcome, White Lantern.”

    …just a thought, since she has been the only one so far to significantly defeat a Black Lantern.

  17. Kyle’s gonna be the white lantern.

    Yi heard it here 1st! LoL

  18. Batman will be the white lantern. He has all of the emotions. And technically he’s dead. If you read Final Crisis however you know that his mind was transported in another dimension. If you look at the white panel you can see a an old hand. Probably the same old hand from the old man who say Batman before he died. Which would explain why in the next panel its black. The old man died, Batman is just misplace. He can’t return to his body though, because someone is carrying his skull. And why would you take something vital from someone, so they can’t stop you….but Batman always finds alway

    • a dead creature mostly like the vampire should have the white ring or the black ring cause they already are dead biengs from the dead itself checking their spirit are in heaven.

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  20. Two words: Alan Scott.

    The old Green Lantern has become insignificant throughout the Blackest Night series. However, with his mystical ties to emerald energy, and his ability to control that preternatural power, perhaps the unified champions of the emotional spectrums utilize him as the avatar of life, in contrast to Nekron.

    Just thinking aloud…

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  22. Sinestro is the white lantern.

  23. *SPOILERS*

    This is probably long figured out by now, but I just finished reading the Blackest Night collection, and this came up in a google image search.

    They do indeed work of of the color spectrum, as they have before, in Blackest night the Black Lanterns emerge to come and take over the universe by raising all of the dead heroes as Black Lanterns, bent on killing and resurrecting more of their own kind. Since Black is the absence of all color, and represents Death in the GL universe, white is the presence of all the colors, Life. (and no Hal does not become some great Lantern Messiah.)

  24. ive read the book and the black lanterns are the dead come back to life through the power of the black rings and the white lantern is life. sadly the first white lantern isnt hal its sinestro.

  25. White: creation
    Red: rage
    Orange: avarice
    Yellow: fear
    Green: will
    Blue: hope
    Indigo: compassion
    Violet: love(lust really)
    Black: death
    white does not suggest one person controlling or wielding all power rings.

  26. This unique posting, “Green Lantern – White Lantern Corps?
    AfghanAnt – Still Dreaming” indicates that u really fully understand just what exactly u are
    writing about! I personally thoroughly agree with your post.

    Thank you -Eric

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