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Uncanny X-Men 510 – Psylocke Returns

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Currently in Uncanny X-Men 508, the X-Men’s veteran ass-kicking psychic ninja, Psylocke, returned. However there was a few twist, she was returned to her natural body by the Sisterhood of (Boring) Mutants. While Spiral being involved makes sense, I question why the former Mrs. Scott Summers, Maddie Pryor, would bother resurrecting Kwannon’s dead body and putting Betsy back into it. What makes this even more confusing is Psylocke is depicted in her Asian form on future covers of Uncanny X-Men.

I’m completely confused by what Matt Fraction has planned and I hope this doesn’t end with Psylocke demanding she be put back into someone else’s body she didn’t want in the first place. However given Fraction’s track record on Uncanny X-Men, this is exactly what will happen. I can’t really blame Fraction for Psylocke’s current annoying badass persona though. She suffered the most abuse from her creator and became another one of his super-women who saves the universe between lesbanic friendships and sexual affairs with alternate reality victimizers.

From a classic Psylocke fan point-of-view, I just really miss Psylocke’s visual design. Give me the fair skin, lilac hair, puffy pink or metallic purple costume any day. Those elements sound horrid but they really worked for her. Her ninja leotard is nice and it is the costume she was in when I met her, but she is so much more than that an Asian sex kitten she has been written as. This is a woman with a rich heritage and Otherworld birthright that are both ignored because it would be difficult to explain how an Asian woman is the twin sister of a blonde haired, blue eyed ubermensch. The natural evolution for her should have followed is to be Morgana to Brian’s Arthur. I envision this design to be a mix between her psychic sword mutant persona and otherworld magician future. While I am certain I will never receive my perfect “Psylocke”, I am glad she is back in her British body and hopefully it will stay that way for years to come.

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3 Responses

  1. […] if you remember my other post on Psylocke’s returns, you’d know I’ve wanted Psylocke British and back in her Australian era armor and it […]

  2. I want Psylocke in her Asian body. I think it sucks. It is what is meant to be in so many timelines and alternate timelines. It is her. The body she was born with died. LEGACY VIRUS. Do you really believe she will stay in this body? No. She was put in it as a test to see if the red queen could survive in it.

  3. […]  https://afghanant.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/uncanny-x-men-510-psylocke-returns/ […]

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