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AfghanAnt’s (Internet) Papertrail

internet_catWell, I started this blog to help people find my Freedom Force work easier. Supposedly I’m retired but I’ve been tinkering here and there with a lot of stuff that I should be previewing soon. But before I show any of that stuff I really want to get this blog together. So I scraped through all my social media sites, created a new banner, and chose a style I could live with until I learn Drupal.

I’m not sure why I decided to start using a real blogging site. I’ve had a LJ since freshman year of college (geez was that 8 years ago…fuck I’m old) but it never really felt right anymore. So, here I am combine my tweets, youtubes, and uploads. I really just wanted something new to play with and a WordPress blog seemed right. After all we are using a skinned version of it for our blog at work (which I officially write for thank you very much) and it has real seo weight. With just two post I was able to capture the first position on “Afghanant” which was an uphill battle for me for the last couple  of week (damn Australian Afghan Ant’s nest new story. I mean come on who writes or reads about Afghani ants nest?). 

Regardless I’m excited as Frank and I’m ready to start getting out a lot of my angst again (I carry way too much as it is).

If you read all that and are only looking for stuff I did for Freedom Force, go to HeroForce to find all of my publish work or visit Freedom Reborn for old previews. If you actually care what I have to say on a daily basis follow me here or on Twitter.

See ya,


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