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The Chanukkah Post

So today we had traditional Jewish food and pretended we cared it was Christmas Eve. It was nice but you know after like 6 or 7 years of spending this holiday with someone you are just like "meh". I am actually looking forward to tomorrow because I am a fan of Christmas and since I’m 100% our cats are in fact God fearing Christians we are having Christmas for them (weird and lame but whatever). It is so odd because I think one day we might just have a kid and the thought sort of scares me. 

Oh Andy and his lady friend are expecting a baby and we are inheriting an exciting sought after piece of real estate near Audubon Park on Magazine. Since we moved here we have dreamed of a place like this and knowing that we will soon have it makes up for the two years of living at Riverbend.

Oh a non-holiday note, there is a soft spot in my heart for people have it harder than me especially transsexuals but GLBT people who use the word faggot really bothers me. I can think of only a handful of times I’ve been called a faggot and I had to use those years of boxing training to prevent that from happening again. I know I’m sort of a tough guy in a sort of girly way but I really just find that word distasteless especially with all that is going on with America and gay civil rights. For once I feel like second class citizen and I do not need other GLBT people trying to put me or anyone else I respect down. It is funny how like black people, GLBT are never really organize and always trying to put each other down to be on top. Maybe it is nature for those lower on the totem pole to fight each other for a place on the top but that is just my humble observation. 

Happy Holidays all my friends in real life (expect a text tomorrow at a ungodly hour unless I’m drunk) and my intrawebz folks be safe.

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