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 So my  outside cat (Dan does not claim him) Hitler is missing and I’m sure he has died. It’s really sad because of all the outside cats (there are like 6 now) he was my favorite. Not because he had a little Hitler stache but because he was a really sweet cat and I think he was one of Homer’s brothers (Homer was rescued from a burning house at 3 weeks old a block away from where we live now). I felt like besides Marion and Josh’s Dante, Hitler was the only other family Homer really had and for some odd reason it makes me sad that one of his brothers is no longer meowing at me for food when I get home or when I’m leaving for work. 

We are thinking about adopting one of the kittens (there are three) around our house. Our neighbor is taking care of them but honestly I’m not sure I want another street cat right now. Homer’s a little feral and we like it but two feral cats would be too much. I think we are going to go to the pound before Christmas to pick out a new one. It is going to be a present for Homer. Dan wants a dog but I don’t know if Homer would like that especially since if we get a dog I want this one:

While he looks like a little lion it is in fact a Chow.

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