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I’ve always been of the opinion that I am no different than straight people. I think a lot of outsiders and especially LGTBs don’t get this because their whole lives they’ve treated different. Sure, physically and sexually everyone is different but there are fundamentals to the human condition that will always make us the same: the fear of the unknown.

Everyone is afraid of the unknown.

For instance, I’m scared of leather daddies and drinking with older gentlemen but I don’t feel any hatred or difference for not being them (actually that is not a good example…). I guess the closest thing I feel to irrational hatred based in fear is against people who purposely infect themselves with HIV/Aids. I don’t understand that. It just seems so destructive and lust-driven. Is cum more important than life? Homosexual behavior like this always reeked of heterosexual emulation and perverted self-acceptance to me (wait for it). The terminology, the disguised metaphors, the misplace affections. If it wasn’t why would terms like “being breed” and “getting knocked up” be used? Why would there be a fixation in ejaculate? There is no procreation involved. Only one reason, sick self-justification to be slutty and prove that gay sex is just as meaningful a straight sex. It is like an extreme attempt at acceptance like when Asians get eye plastic surgery or when black people praise lighter skin and hair. It is what oppressed groups do for acceptance and validation. The difference is Asians and Blacks aren’t risking their lives and promoting a stereotype about homosexuals that cause even more heterosexuals to fear them.

I think a lot of homosexuals are afraid in general. They live their lives in closets or fearing straight people for calling them different but the truth is straight people are just as misinformed and fucking terrified as LGTBs. I guess that is the difference, I realize they are scared and misinformed. So I put down my guard and I try my best to inform them in hopes that they will treat the next LGTB person better than they did me.

Wars will be won and religions will die but there will always be scare little people shouting and judging each other to hide their fears. Being different isn’t a fundamental of being human, being afraid is and all we have to fear is fear itself.

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