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Atlanta Job Offer

I just found out today I was offered a much better SEO job in Atlanta. I’m conflicted because a part of me really wants to go back to Atlanta. I’m not even fond of New Orleans anymore. Plus with the recent blow to my professional ego, I’m not sure if I want to continue bending over backwards and wearing seven hats to barely make ends meet. This isn’t me. I’m not that guy. I work hard and people are suppose to notice but here if you do that, keep to yourself, and listen to what have to say instead of throwing out silly suggestion every meeting just to show you are “interested”, you are seen as not having an interest (this whole notion is complete bullshit). I was making more money in Atlanta right out of college than I am now and I’m constantly being roped back into little big company loyalty with promises of a raise and things will change.

I really don’t know what to do about this situation. I could be venting but seeing that job offer made me really question if moving down here was the right thing. For the first time in our relationship I am seriously thinking about putting my career before him. I want so much more out of life and right now I feel like I’m just turning the cog. It’s not even the business or the work I’m doing that I dislike, I love the company and I think they have something unique to offer but it can be frustrating when you work for people who expect you to be a mind reader and take on responsibility but don’t change the status quo.

It is so grey outside.

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