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Open For Business, Take Out Available

So yesterday after realizing that girl (uhmmmm) got a raise, I decided I’m starting my own freelance marketing firm with Joe. I believe we are going to start taking on projects next business quarter which is exciting but the idea of doing my taxes next year has me terrified. I do not know how I’m going to fit work, my side projects, and art day into all of this but a working man’s gotta do what a working man’s gotta do.

In more ghetto news, it turns out I might start writing the copy for Media Take Out. I wrote an extremely nasty letter about how their inability to command simple grammar and write compelling stories about the Vh1 reality stars was a disgrace to the black power movement. After thinking about writing for that site, I realized I have to be mad niggerish every time I rewrote something (90 percent of their stories are stolen for ONTD *Holla!*) I would have to put on the CB4 hat and that is a hard hat to take off for me.

Anyway, that was me. What about you?

One more thing for pure lulz here is T.T. Boy rapping. Ya’ll have a blessed Seder Sunday.

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