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Secret Crush

So I’m a home sitting around eating slice after slice of shrimp pizza and I realize I have developed a crush on someone. First off, I don’t do crushes (generally). Secondly, I love Dan to death and I have no interest in cheating on him but I’m slowly finding myself crushing hard on this New Yorker blogger I’ve started talking to. I don’t know if it is because he’s new or because he indulges in all the nerdom that surrounds my life or that he’s a publish writer but this guy has become what I do when I am online. I’m confused because I can’t think of being with anyone but Dan but this guy is just so fucking interesting. Urgh I am annoyed someone on the intraweb has charmed me. God, I hate Al Gore for creating this horrible form of media. Damn you!

Knock loud, I’m home
Just sleeping to pass the time
Wondering if you’ll come by to visit me

Ten years have passed
Since you walked out of my life
But late last night in the pharmacy
You were in the line in front of me
So I ran away to hide

Knock loud I’m home
I wrote in black felt pen
Took that sign and taped it to the door

If you come in
To see how I have been
Make sure the door is closed behind you

Stand above me
While I poised do plunge
Through my heart attack
Kills the worst of me
Said I was sorry
Drink to forgive
I wake up alone
Knock loud I’m home

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