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GDC 2008 & Hot Ghetto Messes

So tomorrow I head out to the west coast for the first time for GDC 2008. I’m extremely excited about seeing Street Fighter 4 in action. If you know me, you know I get a major hard-on for Capcom fighting games especially the Street Fighter series. There will be a lot of other games revealed at GDC, but besides meeting contacts for my job my number one focus of GDC is to play the Stree Fighter 4 demo. This whole trip should be a lot of fun, I’m sad Dan can’t come with me but it is work and I am actually going play nice with the biz dev people, get business cards from potential studios, and pimp games department real hard.

God, this video is full of everything I love in fat, black girls. They are shaking and shimming and not giving a fuck. Gon’ big girl, what you gon’ do. I think during GDC I’ll use Khia’s greeting of “what’s really hood, thug nigga” to potential studios. I think it will show them that I am serious about doing business and I’m not going to take any shit from them when it comes to royality splits.

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