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Today was a really odd day for me. I’ve finally nailed down the cert process for work and while I was going home Dan and I saw the Jolie-mobile turning onto Baronne. This would be the second sighting I’ve had of the Jolie-Pitts since I moved to this God-Awful city. I’m really ready for the fucking week to be over. I think after the biz dev trip to San Fran I’m going to start looking for someone to sublet our apartment but I’ve gotta talk my landlady into the deal some how. I’m ready to go back to Atlanta and I know Dan is as well. I finally called my old boss and she offered my old job back. I really miss creative writing and I really miss working in an office with people my own age. the additional money wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve gotta call my mom in the next few days to figure out if I can borrow some money from her just in case I need to buy out my lease. I’ve been here a year and I’ve probably met more famous people and done more with my life in this short time than I have in the 2 year proceeding it but I want to go back to my life in Atlanta. I miss my friends and I really miss living in a city that doesn’t reek of garbage and sex.

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