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The Saga of Superman

“Today I will begin the most daring experiment of my life!”

This is a quote from Action Comics #241 (June 1958). This old Superman quotes says a lot about what I am trying to do with my life. What anyone is trying to do with their lives when they realize it is becoming unglued and decided to grab all the pieces that are left. Over the past seven months that Dan and I have lived together we have fought, made up and fought again but on Fat Tuesday things changed.

I invoked the beast with potions and elixirs and he arose and struck down the one thing I cherish.
The one thing I actually am willing to be a super-man for.

Living my life has always been a never ending battle but unlike Superman’s hero journey, I’m not boy scout. I’m not big blue protector that mothers wet their knickers too whenever he saves a kitten.
I’m Bizarro. I am a backwards speaking monster that only mission in life is to do the complete opposite of what is normal.
Distort and misshapen.
His tongue is made of steel and his voice is like a thunderclap.
His eyes, my God his eyes are filled with so much rage and hatred that even those unaware of who is know something fundamentally wrong with him.
He is a monster. A beast. A crisis in a sky. His vicious and callous ways bring something even more painful than sorrow, it brings regret.
That is the best way I can describe what lies beneath my hero’s mask. Sick and twisted as any creature spawned in November. Delighting in his childishness and lack of focus. Rampaging through the hearts and streets that he normally adores so.

I’ve decided to stop take my elixir. To stop indulging my Hyde so that the ones I love are safe and more importantly that I don’t have to put myself down in order to stop so much pain.

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