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So I’m suppose to be working on a proposal and working out all the details for a San Francisco trip but I find myself staring at my cat and having a retard fight with tweens online (fighting over the internet is one of my all-time favorite past-times). I really wish his restaurant didn’t close at fucking 11 and that Dan was home now so we could go out, have a few drinks, come home and talk about all the people too hip for their own good. He actually begged me not to investigate the Scientology church. I’m still confused why it bothers him that much. I’m curious and this is what anthropologist do. We go to scary and misunderstood place, watch, record, and report. Though I do agree with him that sending me two emails and calling my phone last night was a bit much but that is who they are. I understand crazy. Hell I pick fights online so that when he gets home I don’t pick a fight with him. I need to finish the laundry, take my shirts to the dry cleaners, stop by Madam Claire’s and pick up my mom’s earrings and straighten up the guest room before everyone comes for Mardi Gras. God and pick up a fucking King Cake. I hate fucking King Cake and those aborted babies hiding inside them. I’m everywhere tonight, I need to sign up for yoga and stop by the deli for cold cuts. I feel like a housewife some days and others I feel like the only adult in this relationship. I wonder if I’m suppose to be in the conference call tomorrow morning? I wish my neighbor would get a life that didn’t involve her damn garden or children. I wish her husband would have sex with me in my crawlspace. I need a vacation. I need to figure out where my sunglasses are. I have to stop by Jeff’s shop tomorrow and pick up a costume. Should I buy white beads or multi-colored? Why do those girls from ONTD still keep sending me messages? Why am I responding to them. Where the fuck is my DS? The tablet computer needs to be mounded in the kitchen with the speakers. I have to pick up some salmon for Sunday. We are out of garbage bags. My mother didn’t call me back. Why does my office phone forward all the calls to my voicemail? Wonder what Martin Pinholster is doing with his life? Why haven’t I update my website? I need to find a PS1 memory card so I can play FFT. Where is my shirt Bryce made me? I have to upload my Kreme De Vue pictures to Facebook. Where the fuck is my leather bracelet? Why didn’t Toph send me that file? What time should I go in tomorrow? We need to pick up floss and mouthwash and lube. I wonder what other gay couples are like? Why do I care what other gay couples are like? How come Dan and I don’t know any gay couples besides Lezzies? The midget from House is SVU, that bitch is getting work. Good for her. I should not have had the corn beef today, that salad looked really good. I wonder if Andy is getting enough El Cid for Joe and me? I wonder if Dan will know I’ve been doing El Cid? I wonder if my boss does El Cid? I hate my boss. I hate the scientologist even more. I should get up and go to the bathroom. Oh my god, Guitar Hero III is here! I need to buy some leather treatment polish for my boots and jacket. I wonder what happened to that guy who shined my shoes in Jackson Square. I wonderhow Alex is doing. I should stop by his store tomorrow. Is the toy store open tomorrow? Should I take the streetcar tomorrow or a cab? I need to take a shower I smell like my office…urgh. Four hour meeting suck donkey balls.

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