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Everyone Hates Niggers

This post isn’t meant to offend and if it does I apologize but I believe in Freedom of Speech.

Have you ever stop and thought why the word “nigger” hurt you so much? I haven’t and not because I don’t have deep thoughts on words (I do), I just never saw the point. Recently I’ve been in all out war with some homo on the intrawebs and I thought to myself, “Why does this nigga care what I think? I surely could give two tugs a dead dog’s dick what he thinks. So why is he riding my ass?”

I came the conclusion that, the word has hurt him. He’s obviously giving it all the power it once had and would rather ignore it and other words deemed offensive than deal with them.

Then I thought about all the other (mostly what I would describe as “white”) people giving me a shitfest too and I thought:

“Have they really stop to think why that word makes them uncomfortable? It’s not like is actually offensive to them. People don’t walk around calling white people “nigga” to degrade them.”

So I say this to everyone who has ever been offended, hurt, or shocked to hear a “bad” word used at them or to someone else:

Think about what the word is doing to you.
If you hear the word and it makes feel offended because of your ethnic/gay/female friend would be hurt by it, why does that really matter to you?
You aren’t a bitch, a fag, or a nigger and your friend is only one if they believe they are.

Do you see what I’m saying? I think you do.

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