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I haven’t had a chance to just sit down and write down some of the most recent things in my life so here I go:

  • Joe and I moved out at the end of Spring Semester.
  • Recieved a terrible (but passing) grade in Spanish IV, recieved one of the three A’s in history in Senior Seminar, recieved one of the very few A’s in Gender of Anthropology as well as was in talks with teacher about possible publishing of final paper.
  • Hung out with the birds on Cinco de Mayo (Van’s birthday).
  • Began field research at Zoo Atl (observed that people can’t read and will just assumed whatever they want).
  • Finished field research at Zoo Atl (realized I hate animals and little kids).
  • Hung out with the other birds (I wish ‘nisa was there though but Laura was hilariously fun to hang with that night).
  • Went to Hard Labor Creek with Zlatko and Danny. Got rid of Zlakto after one night (he actually had to go home but when someone goes to their car to sleep instead of being the same tent as you, you ran them off. Sorry Zlatko…)
  • Swam in dirty, filthy water and overheard two pre-teen describing why the other one was gay (It seems they both kissed boys).
  • Didn’t get a single tick on the trip despite people scaring the hell out of me and I fed deer up close.
  • Refuse to eat some fish-ass tasting fish.
  • Talked to my mom and apologized for calling Dan a momma’s boy because I can be a momma’ boy too.
  • Ate at Yesterday’s Cafe in Rutledge. Was served by the cutest gay boy in the world as we talked about how the women in Fried Green Tomatoes were lesbians (Dan didn’t realize…).
  • Realized how lucky I am.

Recently everything has been like a blur; I have phonecalls to make and people to get in touch with. I promise by the end of the week I will call half of the people I have on my mind. Josh and Andy are first.

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