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I like my mitzvah, shaken, not stirred.

Well these last couple of days have been really nice. Cinco de Mayo was Van’s birthday and a few of us went to Joe’s on Juniper and than vast amount of other places. Highland Tap was unusual to say the lease on that night, I walked in and this creepy older woman started hitting on me with no end. If not her catching the hint that I was ready to join my party, I would have been manhandle by someone’s mother which is honestly something I could live my life without having it had. After that we headed to the Eastside Lounge and I ran into a girl who I had known a few years back. She’s married and has a kid yet still makes time for clubbing and drinking heavily, you gotta love modern moms. Finally we went to the Earl saw Keisha and went back home for an unfinished game of whatever we were playing and a drunken felt by a grumpy Anthony. It was a lot of fun even though I had wish Van had not got sick.
Was Shake on the Lake in Piedmont park with Dan and his dad. I was really scared how that would play out but it turned out to be a great time and “A Comedy of Errors” was absolutely hilarious play. Dan and I finally watched Capote. I really wish it had got the attention Brokeback Mnt had because it was a really moving film.
Sunday lead to mitzvah day which was really nice. Dan was grumpy as hell about waking up after not sleeping very much from the previous night but he made it through it. Oh yeah a basketball backboard fell on me. After we went to lunch at the Grove, we decided to play a little game of basketball, well I was almost killed by he pole due to it suddenly collapsing and coming right at me. It hit my shoulder, the pain was unbearable but nothing is broken and it lead to getting drunk in the middle of the day and watching Wondershowzen with Dan until we fell asleep. We woke up later watched R.E.N.T. which Dan and I were suppose to do a long time ago. Anyway, it was awful. I just couldn’t take any of it seriously. I was just making jokes about how lazy these people were and how getting a normal job doesn’t mean you are a sell out. I understand Larson was trying to do something completely magical with the play and I bet it was fantastic (Dan said he enjoyed) but I just couldn’t get into it because it was so cheery even when people were dying. I guess I just really hate musicals.

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