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Well it seems…

I’m in the business of buddyicon making, which is fun because I really like making them. Anyway, instead of studying for History of Georiga or Spanish…I am working on a whole new 80’s set along with my Runaways set and world dictators (I don’t know if Jesus falls under that cat. or not).

Jesus for Dan

My Little Pony for Des

Lion-O for Joe

And Stalin for me.

There is a Rainbow Bright, Smurf, Carebear, and Transform on my list and maybe even a Porno Ranger (because I broke the Austin St. John gay porno scandal on OHNOTHEYDIDNT and it was a very proud week for me). I think eventually these will be a mood theme for my LJ.

Also for those who care my masterful crafted senior seminar paper on Racist Soap and the People Who Love to Use Them earned me on of the three A’s given this semester in senior seminar. It is quite an accomplishment considering I thought I should have worked more on that paper but I guess Schroer saw something in my paper I just couldn’t see. Hooray for Freud, England, and Pears’ Soap!

Two more finals and an 11-day trip to the zoo and I am done.

Also: Best News EVER!

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