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The Dank and Time Well Spent

This is “the Dank” (I named it), it is a sandwich that Dan created a few days ago that he enjoys very much. While I have heard him mention the sandwich previously, I had never known what went into the creation of the Dank, until today…Dan calls while he is at work and asked me to make him something to eat, after going down a few suggestions, he decided he wanted a Dank and began to direct me in preparing it. I was disgusted upon learning the ingredients.
Here is a run down:
1 blueberry bagle
3 slice of salami
1/4 cup shredded mexican cheese
1/4 cup jalapenos
1 tbl mayo
1 tbl honey mustard
Heat for 40 seconds in the microwave and enjoy.

Needless to say, this sandwich smells like fresh shit. No one in their right mind would eat this sandwich and actually take delight in it but of course Dan does. As I type this I can still smell the smell on my fingers and have to stop myself from gagging.

Sorry for the terrible quality in the pix, it was taken with my cellphone.

I am glad Dan and I got this time together. I really don’t realize just how much I miss him until we are in the same room. We had a wonderful dinner Thursday night, we made a shrimp and tomato-cream sauce with pasta and was actually terrific (because Dan didn’t take things in the fridge and microwave them together) and we found a wine I don’t entirely hate as well we watched Junebug too. It was a good movie but I fell asleep while watching it. Friday was great despite Dan having to work late. Had lunch at Buffington’s and played two games of darts (he won both games unlike in the past…he must be practicing) and later that day we went to his friend Lofty’s place and hung out. Comically I was on a roll and even made reference to Lofty’s roommate’s gf being a dog and still managed to have her like me (I don’t like Jagger very much anymore as well). Lofty has a cat named Hitler (which reminded me of Stalin) which much like its namesake hated blacks, gays, and especially Jews which is apparent by the millions of scratches I have on my arms. Today was a really sad though, we slept until late in the day, Dan went off to work and I paced around his apartment talking to Charlie (the dog) who I renamed Chuck (because I like that name). Now I’m just sitting, waiting, watching the tv and trying to still figure out how I will manage to write my orignal research paper for Anth:Gender and my final paper for Hist as well as a billion other things.

I am content and more importantly I’m watching BET’s Comic View, which is possibly the blackest thing I have ever done but this shit is hilarious. Oh being black has it’s days.

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