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Being Gay or I am Anthony the Homosexual

When I hear queerlings going on about how hard being gay is I become irate; being gay is a privilege and challenge. It is a chance to show the world how different you can be simply because nature intended you to be to be the variable in the system. This idea of homosexuality being a choice and not found in nature is laughable at best and ignorant any other time. Sure there are people who identify, accept, and even try homosexuality out but playing the fence and getting into the game are two very different things. Homos can not stop their attraction to men any more than bears can to honey (or twinks for that matter). I wrote this post in response to a silly faggot who is not only certain that homosexuality is a sin but also a choice. For him to stand in my face say those things and then go home at night to suck cock and take it up the ass is unacceptableand if homos had a club card I would go out of my way to take his away. This post is not typed with anger nor is it a chance for everyone I know to ask me “who was this guy?”, this post was about realizing that I am too old and too wise in my gayness to accept or even reason with someone who has just started out on a path I am a quarter of the way through. His ideology leaves him open to so much self-hatred and even the occasional bashing, maybe this is why I am as strong as I am. I understand my sexuality. I know it, breathe it, and eat it and most importantly I make people comfortable with it. I use to say “my sexuality is not who I am” but it very much is. I am Anthony the Homosexual. I do not have a problem with that but do I want not to be stereotyped into the role of “the flaming homosexual” anymore than than I want to be “the tragic mulatto” but I do want them to accept that is a part of me and there is nothing I can or want to do to get rid of it. I too often hear ramblings of “would you take a pill if it made you not gay” even my own best gay friend (who I have been friends with since we were queerlings back some 9 years ago) has asked me this question. Even though he would choose to take “homocil” if he could, I would rather ride this out and see where it takes me. It has really made me a strong person who can stand up for himself and go down fighting if he falls. I wish gay politics were not so difficult on this campus.

Also if you are not a feminist, you are just an asshole.

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