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Two tickets , Please.

So the dates are set and the tickedts are booked and soon I will see what it is like to be in New Orleans in winter. I really think I’ll enjoy myself especially since Dan is coming and we both have this connection to the city. I feel like Jack Hawksmoor when I am there. I feel I can hear the voice of the concrete, see through the eyes of the windows, and sense what the buildings are going through. I feel more at home on the streets of New Orleans than I ever have anywhere else. Van will be here tomorrow and I am extremely looking foward to seeing her, we have been trying to make plans for a couple of weeks now and it seems they might actually pan out. Maybe I’ll tap Adam too, he could be up to seeing Van and hanging around this ol’ dump. I got the motherbox today and it was four times the size I thought it would be. I should really do something really nice for the Highmother for repayment. I should call the Highfather some time soon as well, see how the little Kalibak is doing and plead that he pays my debt to the Mobile of T this month or I will be disconnected from the Sourcewall -I am such a fucking comic dork and I need to find work-.

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