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Sebo Flande: Since 1982

“I think it might have been, though, that I just wouldn’t accept that anyone could live with having such intense materialistic motives that they take precedence over human principles. But, then again, that’s just me.”
– Former Child Lover

I didn’t know to be offended or burst into laughter after reading that this morning. You ask for your priceless Banana Republic belt -which is essentially the reason I became the gay man I am- and you somehow become intensely materialistic. For the record people, I give things back after I am not longer in a relationship with someone, especially if it was only for two weeks -I have been on vacation longer than that-. I guess when the only sources of entertainment are Barney -is he still hip with the kids?-, jungle gyms, and sandboxes; you don’t realize that sometimes items that people give you are meaningful and when you completely erase them from your life -an insanely childish thing to do- the best thing to do is to give them the items of meaning back.

And so with the return of my awesomely, amazing belt; I will finally be able to end the West Georgia dating chapter in my book. Because honestly without that belt it felt like pages were missing.

Also Madonna isn’t as amazing as everyone thinks she is. I mean she’s ok because she is such a bitch…destroying cds after they are played. Who does that?!

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