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Art Show

I am starting to realize that knowing whether or not someone is happy is like constrasting white on white. People can make you see anything if you are looking for something completely different. What I would see as beautiful could simply be smeared black ink to someone else. Knowing someone is like visiting an art gallery, you see a piece and fall in love with it. The color, the texture, and composition all become key points to you loving it, however you often forget what it took for that painting to look that way. You forget the passion of the painting and more than often the hurt that goes into something beautiful. We only see the end product and never the layers of dry paint beneath that led to its completion. Maybe this was his way of finishing his masterpiece. Maybe taking his life shows how much control he truly had over his medium. Maybe it wasn’t the colors, shapes, or linework; maybe it is the raw emotion which he decided to put into his death that truly mattered to him. I hope now, that his masterpiece is completed, people will not look back and see this final brushstroke as anything other than it was: a pitiful and shocking end to a beautiful piece.

Despite my internal envy of your skill and my complete disappointment with the end result of what would become your final piece, I will miss you and I am sorry I never once asked “Are you ok?”.

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