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I just got back from my oral Spanish exam and I feel relieved but at the same time incredibly scared. I think I did well but I also said that about the first test and the prior quiz. I have hope though, I think she realizes I am trying but this class may have been way out of my league. I have no clue how I passed the placement exam. It is funny how the whole time I was taking it I was thinking of what Carlos said to me last week, “I failed Spanish too, it is all the grammar.” And as I took the test I thought to myself how could someone who is a native of El Salavador fail Spanish and I realized how could someone who has ate, breathed, and dreamt about Spanish for the last 9 weeks fail it as well. I think it is the anxiety of it all that is getting to me. I guess it doesn’t help that I see Jason there and all I can think is, “This kid think I am a complete and utter moron.” Which really isn’t true but why in the world do I feel that way?

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