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Angst Written

I miss the shore but not as much as I miss the desert. I grew up on the eastern shore of this country and now I am lost in a redneck town in bumblefuck no-where. And though I’ve only seen the desert once in my life, I love it more than the shore and sometimes my life, especially on days like this one. I tried so much today. I tried to be understanding and rational about things in my life. I considered my options and found that the only one that makes sense is the one I may not be ready to deal with.

Danny is coming on thursday to take me to dinner and be my date to that party, Brian called me today out of the blue and apologize, and my heart called to inform me that tomorrow is not here yet but before it gets here I need to lay down some rules and make some decisions.

Oh yeah I am so proud of myself, I told someone I wouldn’t get physical with them and despite their amazing ability to turn me on I still told him flatly “No.”

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