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We all seem to need the help of someone else to heal the wounds left from previous lovers.

“Some things in life may change but some things stay the same, like time”
-Damien Rice

All I have wanted recently is some time. Time to look into myself figure out what I want and pull it out but it seems I can not afford this luxury. Is this what it is to be social? Is this what it is like to be liked by lots of people? If it is I’d really rather go back to be sullen and waiting for a good dream to come along. I have not dreamt in days and it worries me. I have not slept in days either which worries me slightly more. My eyes burn and my mouth taste like stolen silver. I am not lonely because I would actually need to know how that feels to be as such, I feel indifferent and for that reason sadly disgusted. I have to stop myself before I swim beyond the bounds which keep mortal men stable. I have been to that place before, the beyond. My mind was like a puzzle even to me, especially to me in fact. I had thoughts and actions but no reason. I fear that the opposite will happen this time out in the water. I can not accord to become reasonably unthoughtful or reasonably actionless. I would die.

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