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Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

This is the first time in a very long time that I have felt everything in my life will and has to be alright. Sometimes people think what they want out of life is attached to another person, place, or thing but the truth -at least for me- is much more simple: only I matter to me when it comes to me. With that acknowledged and with a new found sense of purpose I will and can honestly say that I rock.

And I have never seen so much beauty or gentleness in my whole entire life this weekend. From the tallest waterfalls to deepest valleys and even the neighboring towns of Trenton -which is not know for its tarpits like in NJ- and Chattanooga – which is the cleanest and most airy metropolis I have ever been too- were sights to behold. If you ever get a chance to go to Chattanooga you must stop by Sekisui/. This ultra-chic sushi bar offers so many options from the Far East than your average sushi joint. I highly recommend that you choose the “Geisha” as an entree and the delightfully smooth Sake Bomb as a beverage. Also enjoy the nightlife while in town, the people are amazing friendly and it was simply a delight to be around them.

“…nature always finds a way…”

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