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Hi I am Icarus

So today was to be a nice day for me but in the end it turned into one of those days that I should have listen to the advice my friends, namely Joshopiateslopes. He told he did not think Brian was good for me well I am consideringly leaning towards that opinion at the moment. In a few words, Brian is an asshole. I mean we had a date planned for today which I was actually excited about and because he freaked out about gas the whole thing became moot. He called me about 1:30 to tell me he was going to be a few minutes which I did not mind at all but then he calls back like five minutes later to tell me he can not come because all the gas in the world is gone and all the cars in the America will be utterly fucked and the society will collapse. Or atleast that is what I got from the call. I was not even upset at first and then it dawned on me he said he was getting gas on Maple St. I mean could he really not come by and tell me this? That and those damnable rocks. I feel rejected and a little disappointed especially after this game of cat and mouse we have been playing. It is like he tells me he does not want to get serious but when he learns I was making out with someone else he freaks. I mean who A) starts a relationship/or date with the idea that I want to get serious and B) who the fuck get upset when they learn someone they said they do not want to get serious was making out with other people! And then when I told him I was going to be seeing someone this weekend he went “OH” Literally it was like he verbally typed “-O-H-“. I honestly was surprised he just expected me to be hanging around waiting for him. God what is wrong with guys. That’s it, I’ve decided men and I are no longer a thing. I am becoming a lesbian. It is the only lifestyle that makes sense right now.

On the bright side of my day, I have a sinus cold which is making me feel l am being hit in the face with a shovel repeatedly.

Have a bloody good day folks.

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