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Driving Your [Boy]Friend Home

I stare at my astral Dr Strange action figure on my desk and then glance at my vintage Incredible Hulk radio, my brass and tin cut-out statue of Psylocke, my mini Supergirl lunchbox, then my stone Priapeia that Dan brought me back from Turkey last year and realize my neck hurts. A lot. I think it from the way I slept last night or to be more correctly didn’t slep last night. As I type this I realize I have not really posted anything for myself recently and so I continue typing this thinking about a friend of mine and how I need to figure out some stuff about myself and soon. There is a lot riding on the next couple of days and I do not know which way the tree will or if it will even be heard. I raked up all my mistake today with Nate, who for lack of a better word thinks I am slutty but I personally believe in being friendly. It is what makes the world go around and no one could convince me of anything other than that.

People are connecting, reconnecting, and disconnecting as I type this and I hope that with all this going on I can hold on to the things that I want and the things that I need and if not atleast I can say I gave it my best.

I guess I should just go and sing my life and call my mom.

I got around to uploading this photos I took in NJ by the by:

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