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Living Under Your Breath

I have been back in Georgia for 11 days and in those 11 days Brian has called me twice, I on the other hand have called him a mere 6 times. So I ask you friends of my Livejournal what would you do? I have been told he is a great guy, which I did agree with once. I have been given reasonable excuses as to why he hasn’t called much, which I eagerly believed but now I feel a little strung along. I am no angel in this matter, I mean I constantly talk to a person who for lack of better words is a misanthropic sociopath simply because I like the way he makes me feel. I am a firm believer in the idea that a person needs affectionate love no matter what in order to survive, and even though I merely see him as a way to survive that is more than I am recieving from someone who everyone swears is great for me and even though I would really like to see where this will go I can’t just be hanging around waiting for him to give me a call because he has a semi-closeted life which mostly revolves around school, work, and dinner parties with his preacher-father and businesswoman-mother. It is not as if I want every awaking moment of his day but a call to acknowledge that I exist would be nice and even God forbid I saw him and it didn’t lead to sex, which I completely blame on myself at this point because I am a highly sexual person and I am kind of use to dating that leads to sex that leads to moving on but I had really hoped this time would be different. The next time I meet a guy who I like there will be no sexual contact until atleast date four.

I fucking hate cowboys.

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