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So I got my paycheck early and I am incredibly disappointed with how much I have actually made. Taxes are really…wow… 25% of my check has gone to the great state of New Jersey, the fine guys at the Federal government, the welfare moms of medicare, and the workforce whatever tax.

So instead of that amazing chocolate Diesel blazer I was going to buy for 300 dollars, I am going to buy something incredibly cheater and less flashy. Also all those lovely vintage t-shirts and replicas I wanted will have to be cut in half so instead of 20 (at 28.00 dollars each), I’m going to have to buy 10 t-shirts if that.

I am so pathetically sad right now for my disappearing “new” lifestyle. I will have to seriously go on a budget. No more spending or even thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on quality boozes, designer clothes, and whatever else I want. Maybe shoes but not clothes. I can’t wait to get back to Georgia where I will go on a mild shopping spree and drink well alcohols. Hell maybe I’ll even take a page from Brian’s book of staying financial secure and start buying my clothes from Old Navy (God I hate that store and those damnable commericals). Ah and there goes the 200 dollars I was going to spend on my imported black chest from India and my sheets!

I feel so poor right now.

I am still buy my new cellphone though…I deserve that for working so hard at least and new concept for my bedroom and some more clothes and anything else I want like a tv tuner card for my laptop so I will not have to buy a new tv even though I still have my old. Oh and some other things like those Ben Sherman Union Jack shoes and maybe a new jacket, something light for fall.

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