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ramble style

i have so much stuff to buy it is not even funny. i had this idea of remaking myself into an english gentleman but i really do not think it will last. i thought about embracing my comic sub-cultural roots through vintage comic tees but i really think that is sort of who i always am. and i have even tried to blend the two but alas it seems i just can not pull it off. i think i’ll just buy some stripe long sleeves, sandblasted jeans, and flip-flops and blend in with the rest of the a/f clones of the world.

i have however decided what my new cellphone will look like. i do not know a single person with it and i honestly fancy the design, i could get the more expensive one for free with my upgraded plan but for 29.99 i get what i want instead. http://tmobile.com/products/images.asp?phoneid=222370&class=phone

oh and i spent 5 hours searching online for india decor for the new place and all after deciding and redeciding i realized i do not want an india themed bedroom.

i went shopping for a new place with mom last night and saw this amazing place in north jersey near irvington. i am excited about it, we were both actually thinking of hitting the beat in glenwood for some garage sales in order to get some classical (i.e. real wood) pieces for the reading and the guest bedroom. if it were up to me alone i would do the whole place in a classic 1880’s english ‘burbs style but knowing my mother she will take several, singular brilliant ideas and mash them together into something that would never pass as any real style.

god i want a terracotta mexican style cross and a cortex mirror but i do not have a clue where to get one in less than 6-8 weeks.

also for all of those who call between 8-5 i am usually at work in front of a desk in a office full of people, please do not expect me to answer my phone. i am suppose to atleast be pretending to look like i am actually doing work and by any chance i do call you back, i am either in the men’s bathroom standing on the toilet seat to get a signal or hanging out in the filing room “going old tax office data and calling people on my personal cellphone because i am such a nice guy”.

another note, in the fall i may or may not be going to both uwg and georgia tech for classes. i am seriously considering the option and have already sent out all the needed paperwork. however if i do this not only will i be taking 18 hours but trying to begin something of a relationship and working in the anthropology department (hopefully) as well.

i wish people would stop complaining about their high bills, errors with radio-read meters, and transfering documents from their lawyers to the new owners of the property because honestly myself nor does anyone else who work here or any other government offices care. we are the bloody government and we will do what we damn well please thank you.

i get paid this week and all my money is already gone! what fun to be an adult and pay my bills! i am completely over joyed that i will have to place myself on a budget once i get back to georgia!


Reading over this post has made me realize how incredibly random I can be when I am completely and utterly bored and I use “I” too much to healthy. I really need to sit down tonight and go over all the things wrong with my currently state in life.

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