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The Last 4 Days

I have done some things that have made me feel stupid, happy, and mostly annoyed.
Here is a list:
Got a bad haircut.
Went out on a date with a 18 year old.
Confused for 18.
Went for Thai food at a place called China Moon.
Got a tattoo.
Got a blowjob and actually disliked it.
Got drunk with my sister.
Realized I hated my tattoo.
Drove my grandfather’s car to Jersey City, got lost, and watched the fireworks on the side of the road.
Got hit on by a woman in her 70’s.
Was told I am southern.
Got my own personal desk and raise at work today.
Found an Indian version of Joe who I often refer to as “Haji” and “Indian Joe”.
Heard Regina Spektor’s song “Daniel Cowan” which is hilarious to all of those who know the names of my most recent love-interest not only because of the title but because of the lyrics.
Neglected to call Brian even though I want too.
Neglected to call Dan simply because.

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