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Knives Out To Cut New Strings

So I’ve been working on my Post-WWI play, the only person I’ve told about it is Danny and my mom (who said historical war plays are boring but what does she know). Where I want it to go is a really amazingly new direction for me. I’m going to take historical events to talk about contemporary problems and deal with the underline question of what sexuality is. It started off as a book but in my mind I can more easily see it as a play. It is going to be about two English men right after the Great War and how they try to fit back into their previous lives.

I got a raise and a promotion at work today. I’m going out to dinner with my sister on friday to celebrate and see my nephews. I have a God awful headache that will not seem to go away, Desi brought this to my attention last night when she and I were talking about that problem of mine. She was right and I can depend on her to know how I behave even if I deny it. I just wish sometimes I could just shutdown certain parts of peoples brains in order to keep them tame, to have telekine control over the chemicals and reactions in their brains. That would make me so happy but instead I can only be difficult and hope they don’t realize what I am trying to do.

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