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You ever just want to fuck someone just because you know you can?

So I decided to give my cousin Dee a call and see if he and any of his friends would like to hang. Let it be know my cousin Dee is a raging queen, which I find hilarious because I knew he was gay long before I knew what gay was. Anyhow, he bring along this cute, yet very-flaming guy with him named Marcello, Marc for short, and despite this kid (he’s only 18, still wet behind the ears and all) being young, he was giving me tips and tricks I would have never dreamed of. This seems a little shady for me to be into this kid considering my current situation and my current position on not being a slut, but this guy not only tempted me all night but I know if I got him alone for 10 minutes he would be completely at my mercy. Oddly enough I want to ask him out on a date as soon as I see him again but knowing myself and declaring I am now only interested in grown-up relationship and this will ultimately be only leading to a fuck and/or dead-end, I doubt I will follow up on this. I mean he’s 18 for fuck sake and where would I do him? I’m sure once the drugs I ingested today wear off I will not even give this kid another thought.


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