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Guess who is going to a upscale dinner party?

I’m going to an elegant dinner on Friday night after I watch my cousin graduate from the high school I only dreamed of going to when I was younger (I’m not jealous but I am bitter, though going to Dunwoody High in Georgia has been helpful as well I wish I had went to a specialized arts school). I’m excited because it is a dinner thrown by the mayor of Newark (who the dinner is being thrown in the honor of due to his re-election) and I have to wear a jacket and hob-knob with New Jersey politicians. My Godparents have been trying to force me to make contacts with the socialites (politicians, business execs, wasp, etc) of New Jersey and to be honest I am more than happy to do so. I mean even this job at the Water Authority was given to me through people I know, this position I have was made just for me ( for years the Water Authority in Newark was operated by only Italians and jobs were passed down father to son), how amazing is that? My godfather has been nagging at me to come with him on the golf course before I leave so he can show me how that actually works; I mean who knew that playing a game of golf not only makes contacts but let your employers in on your mindset and determine whether or not you deserve a promotion. Anyway being in New Jersey is really paying off, last night Joey and I were suppose to go to Atlantic City but instead we went to a few bar in West Orange and I hit on everything that walked and I wasn’t even drunk and a few night before that I went to a spa with my mom (something I would never do on my own but it was reallyenjoyable and relaxing once my mother’s boyfriend stop rambling on). Oh I found out something really weird, my mom is dating a married man (well he has been seperated for 5 years now) who wants to not only marry her soon but move her to the Pines and buy her one of those houses with all the whistles and bells on it. I’m really happy for her, she has finally found her own Prince Charming. My sister loves him but I’m still trying to warm up to him (he talks way too much).

Oh and on another note, a huge fucking ice pop flooded Central Park yesterday. How hilarious is that?

Edit: I also lost 3lbs in the last week, I’ve been exercising 1 hour a day (not including all the running around and busy work I’ve been doing as well) and eating about 1400 calories a day as well. I even made this little journal with that gangly digi-painting I did and wrote “thinspiration” on it (not that I want to be nastily thin, I just really would like to look down and think “Wow that’s hot” instead of “Urgh how did this tummy get here”). I’m sure by the time I return to Georgia I will be atleast 15 lbs lighter. Here’s to having a 30 inch wasit again and keeping it!

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