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Coeus’ Closet and Dagger

I’ve been playing with a sketch I started on Passover 2005, it will one day be an oil painting or possibly watercolor, I haven’t decided but I have decided I need to start painting again. I miss getting messy. My senior year of high school I would spend nights and weekends slaving a way in my garage, I tried to rekindle the painting urge in myself with this portrait of Dan’s parents that we were going to paint together but that like so many other things is now in a basement collecting. I’m a little upset at myself recently, it been digital paint and canvas which is cheaper and easier but I miss it the old fashion way.
Anyway behind the cut is my latest sketch:

Oh also I’ll show the flyer I did for Plato’s Closet when I was working there.This “was” my work but someone moved my ringlet which should be move to the background from to the foreground and it is printed too close to the edge on the left side even though I left plently of room. I am very disappointed in the printer but I got paid (and nicely I might add). There is a back to this but it was printed so badly I don’t even feel like scanning it currently. If I find the orignal cd that this project is on I will post it so people can see it was not my felt this turned out so badly. In fact it did get green lighted from my bosses (both of them) so I know it was not my felt. Evil printing company screwing with my work. Blah!

Oh yeah I did this sketch of Cloak and Dagger which one day will look like that Longshot: The Messanic Media Star digipainting I did. I’ve always loved these two neglected 80’s characters. They were runaways who were forced to take drugs and became street corner heroes in NYC.

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