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Brandon Routh as Clark Kent and Hitler Pope

How cute is Brandon Routh as Clark Kent?
It is amazing how well he pulls off the dorkiness of Clark’s character. This whole look he has echoes back to Christopher Reeve as Clark. Bryan Singer, I have amazing faith in you and your work on this project. Gives us super-fanboys something to make up for Superman III-IV (Urgh….).

Oh and by the way I threw out my shoulder lifting this huge fucking box of stuff my mom shipped to me. Me am in pain and this too:
Pope former Hitler Youth
I don’t know how much most people know about Hitler but the Communists and the Catholics were among the first to be sent to concentration/death camps. I honestly have no words for the church’s choice in the new pope. I know second chances and what not but they could have atleast not chosen the one who use to swear loyality to Hitler especially when his dad was an anti-Nazi activist. I’m just saying…

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