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Straighten Up Things

Well yesterday was a really nice day with my faghag and my ever lovable panda bear. We had mexican (got drunk), got some gay coffee (@ the Outwrite) , and hung out in the straightest place in the world (and continued to drink): The Fox and Hound. When we came upon the place I thought “Not bad, broken British telephone booth and lots of men” but I was sorely mistaken especially when we began to play poker. Needless to say I got my ass handed to me in the first hand and like a future creature of suburban gaydom I smiled and drank until I didn’t care anymore.

I swear last night was the first time in my life I honestly felt not like the others (sure I sometimes think that when I’m around flaming queens) but I usually don’t think like that and become annoyed at homosexuals who place themselves in a different position than heterosexual but for some reason all I could think is “I can never marry, I’ll have trouble adopting, and I will always be seen as a deviant child molestor as far as you people are concerned”.

God what I wouldn’t give to smoke a fag right now.

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