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’cause they are good on everything.

So I’m helping Van break down her art show and she offers to buy me a drink (which I accepted gladly), anyway when we are at Miller’s, we are talking and some guy comes up to me and starts rambling about seeing me around and what-not (Van said he asked if he could buy me a drink but I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying at first). So he is talking at me and he is asking me all this stuff (by the way he completely paused my conversation with Van about Daniel…ah those two crazy kids) so I stop him from going on too much and I ask his name and he says “Sprinkles“.
So I question, “Sprinkles” which, in a semi-seductive/drunk tone, he replies, “’cause Sprinkles are good on everything”.

No really he said that. What makes things worse this guy wants me to meet up with him on thursday for a meeting of the minds or some bullshit.

Who does this? Honestly? I’m a foward guy but I would never go over to someone wearing a cowboy hat, huge dark glasses (in a dark place), and tell them my name is Sprinkles (’cause they are good on everything). I honestly didn’t know if I should take his advance as flirting or idiotic rambling of a drunk boy or is it both?

And since when did I get so attractable again? This is like the fifth guy in a two week period to advance on me (atleast he wasn’t the creepy guy who kissed my hand and tried to lick my face. Seriously who licks strangers’ faces? ).

Have I finally evolved into my hotness?

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