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One Night In China should be One Night In Badcock.

Joanie Lauer is possibly the biggest, ugliest tranny in world that is if she were a tranny. The sad thing is she really is a big, masculine woman with no skills besides putting the smack down. With the phenomenal success of Paris “I’m the biggest slut in the world” Hilton’s One Night in Paris (Which by the way was hot if you are into pussies that look like they have been smashed in with a hammer) comes possibly the lowest points in this celebrity’s life: One Night in China. Yes that’s right. Joanie Lauer, formerly Chyna of the WWJD or whatever that retard bullshit is called, has made an incredibly bad sex tape.

Lord who told this woman she was sexy? And what the fuck does she have on? She looks like a fucking retarded D&D character.

I’m not going to even bother to tell you how grossed out I was after watching a clip of this shite but I will say she has a bad case of ass acne (yuckie). If I were not already gay I am positive the China Doll’s bad attempt at being sexy with a really unattractive guy who looks like he just got out on parole would have made me. Instead I’m going to send you a link of what I think is the most honest and trustworthy site when it comes to pornography:
Rogerviews.com: One Night In China

This cover speak volumes…

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