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The Red Smurfs and the Election of the Homos

I’m completely satisfied with the results, I knew “W” would win and I came to turns with it a while ago, that was about the time I realized my vote doesn’t mean shite and why bother doing it, however I did vote and my vote, as wasted as it was, was my vote. Sure I did not vote for Kerry, the only reason people voted for Kerry was because he was basically running on a platform that he wasn’t Bush. Which by the way is a stupid platform and an even stupider reason for someone to vote for him. I mean why not simply be happy for “W”, I am. He’s like a cute little monkey who can talk. Everytime I see him I want to hug him, which is wrong but he’s adorable though.

As for homosexual marriage, I don’t believe in heterosexual marriage so no loss there. I honestly wish this country would finally make a division between church and state instead of picking and choosing whatever they like from an ancient book the majority of this country of shite is loyal too. And besides I think this photo in my post proves why gay marriage is a bad thing…

Oh yeah go RED SOX! And fuck you Dad (not in the nasty way, just he hates the Red Sox)! I’m honestly more excited about the Sox winning then the politics of this country. Things like baseball bring people of all races together so instead of hating one another based on color, religion, or sexual prefernce, we simply hate each other based on teams like any civilized nation of people would do, I mean look at football in Europe. Besides they have Damon of Nazareth, he’s no Derek Jeter when it comes to looks but have you seen him in action? He is a manic messiah of America’s past-time.

In all of this craziness we should look to the Smurfs for a model of how life should be. Honestly smurf-communism would probably fix some of the problems of this planet as well as teach us all how to avoid a Smurf-eating Jew and his cat. Read this if you don’t believe me.

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