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Bizzaro Feelings

Jesus Christ, I can’t stop thinking about him which is odd because before today I had barely noticed him. For some reason I said “Hi” today and then “God bless you” when he sneezed and told him “I don’t have the time” when he caught me staring and asked the time. All of a sudden I can’t stop thinking about him. I could barely stop myself from staring at him after I watched him come into class today.
He’s quiet and soft-spoken, those are equalities I like in a guy. I like not knowing what he is thinking or where his mind is. I know nothing about him save he’s possibly failing my Religion class.
This is out of hand, I took a nap today and I dreamt about him.
I was in the shower and I began to imagine him there with me.
Like a phantom or spectre.
I lust for him and I barely know anything about him.

Also I tracked down Mark. I thought about calling him, possibly offering whatever help I could. He’s had a such a hard life and I owe him for saving me that night. I feel I will always be in debt to the trick on 10th.

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