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Thifty Lite Lemon yogurt taste like lemon fresh shite. I’m really grossed out right now at myself for being so damn cheap when it comes to food.

I just woke up from a very odd dream where I cheated on a test but only to save the world. Yes I cheated on a college-level sociology test to save the known world from destruction.

One: I need to lay off watching Angel everyday (I can’t help it I think all heroically handsome)
Two: No more stressing out about this damn sociology project that no one has really helped me with (and that bitch in my group got some fucking nerve acting like she is the fuckin’ boss of me. Unless we are fuckin’ you have no control over me).
Three: I am have to start studying more for test before I take them. That last Religion test seems easy enough reflectin gon it later I think I may have misunderstood the question.
Four: How come Dan wasn’t in my Dan? Every since he’s gotten this job I talk to him less…in fact…*calling him right now*

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