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What seems like an interlude now could be the beginning of…

“There is a place in the sun for anyone who has the will and I do believe I have found mine…so close your eyes and think of someone you physically admire and let me kiss you.”


I’ve zigzagged all over the northeast coast of America and I’ll try anything twice, that is who I am. I am like Johnny Peril or some other invisible destroyer. Even these words I type are no reflection of how I feel or what I know. I have been reading and checking references all day on Simon Bolivar, “the second George Washington of the New World”. I’ve read everything by Bushnell and have been using Radcliffe-Brown to reference all my religious theories why Latin America’s revolution did not end up like our own country’s. I have my personal thoughts on the subject but they border on racism which coming from me is nothing new. I am a twisted little man and I really do not have any reason to be.

I am extremely tired of hearing my neighbor sing, especially since he sounds God awful. Michael can sing, I remember leaving the building and hearing him sing. I would say it warmed my heart but let’s face it I only feel things for myself. Last weekend Dan and I got in a fight. It was a passive fight because we are both scared of seeing the other get upset. It was about my friends and him. I once told him I’d leave him if I had too to keep my friends. I have long since realized that is not the case.

Like the revolution that started in Caracas in 1817, I did not realize what was waiting for me at the end of the war. Bolivar defeated the British, the Spanish, and even him fellow countrymen but in the end he lost his dream. I realized I do not want to be like Simon. I could say Dan is the battlefield or maybe the prize but there is no one left to fight and no where else for me to invade. The biggest problem with us was my inability to accept that I love him and his inability to cope with the fact that he does in fact love me back. In the beginning it was all fun, at least to me but then I slowly realized I was falling for him. I called Christopher one night and told him about the situation and of course like the overbearing jackass who thinks he’s still protecting me, he said it was a bad idea and I started to believe him, much like the countrymen of the north believed that Spain would do everything in their power to keep the Creole in power and make sure all the mestizoes and mulattoes stayed in their place.

There is important information in learning history. You can not be a successful anything without some historian keeping records for you to follow. In Cuba and Dominica, the historians are regarded as being the smartest of men. The pinnacle of learning. He keeps the records of everything so the future can see some similarity in their own life and write about it in their livejournals.

Oh does anyone else fancy the newest Surreal Life as much as I do because of Jordan Knight?
He’s gained some weight but oddly enough I have become so much more attracted to him it’s not even funny. I even listened to his last album (yes I have it, you bloody gits) and sung every song.

God, I need to get out more often my post are becoming all these random thoughts just spilt on to the undernet.

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