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A Test of Wills.

Well on saturday instead of going to Savannah like Daniel wanted, we will be going to see Warren “Writer-God” Ellis at Dragon”Lame Ass Comic Bbook Geeks”Con like I wanted (see I’m not his bitch despite what some people think). I’m really fucking excited because this man is possibly the most intelligent and most unattractive man to live yet I am strangely attracted to him. I do not have words for what this man’s words do to my fragile little mind. He gave the world The Authority and Transmetropolitan and so many other titles. Though I would really like to spend three days in Savannah, I can not miss this chance to miss my guru. It’s such a conflict of interest though. I really want to go to Savannah because the last time Dan and I went we didn’t stay long enough and I really regret trying to go see Jeff instead of stay in Savannah that night (we couldn’t find Jeff’s house so we stayed in the seediest motel ever. It would’ve been sexy if the room didn’t smell and about the size of a shoebox). This should be a really nice weekend for me, I get to meet my hero and hang out with comic geeks.

Your Ultimate One Night Stand… by crispnite
LJ Username
Favorite animal
You invite over…
They bring…
You talk about…
You end up… with a hangover the next morning
Quiz created with MemeGen!

The odd thing about this is…I can actually see this happening and me being the one to get up the next morning begging God to take it all back. The man fucked Mick Jagger for fuck sake.

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