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Oliver Cromwell’s Heir Apparently

I’m disappointed, disregarded, and misguided. Morrissey’s new album is really touching and I think it has made me fall in love with the ideas I once associated with his music. I no longer want to be dedicated to a country where the president is never black or female or gay and until that day I have nothing to say to America.

Also it’s funny how many people you meet who swear they are not close-minded and then turn around and do something to show their close-mindedness, especially white gay men. Not all but some defiently should do some internalizing and realize not only do they obviously have no respect for themselves (as do most gay men) but they also lack tact and appeal with their snobbish attitude towards the rest of humanity.

I have never once regretted being a man, gay, or American until day. Watching someone else be hurt is a very clearing experience, especially if you know how it feels.

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