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Bent and A little Bothered.

I don’t enjoy meatloaf, but the meatloaf was lovely today. It was heavy and not entirely covered in ketchup. It was one of those things that you eat and you remember a day or a life before; I remember a few days ago. High as a kite on every pill I could pop in order to finish my research paper on the late and great Michelangelo. It was a good paper, surely better than those of my fellow mates, but that is how it goes when you are surrounded by war history and people more interested in the politics of yester years than those that oppress them today.

People are stupid. Adam, oh Adam. You have been good to me. Probably one of the best mates I’ve ever had. I look at you some days and I smile because I know I can trust you. I’ve always trusted and I know I will always trust. Others I know have not always or will not always have that.

I’m thinking more and more about the summer. If I go to see my dad and then off to Jersey to stay with mom it will actually be nice. Since I’ve been in this horrid state I’ve done nothing but turn other people’s vision of life into shite and I’ve always had the gull to make it known what I’ve done. Ask Christopher, he knows, too well in fact. You’d think he’d hate me or at least not want me to be directly in his life but people learn the hard way. They are thick headed and loathsome to be around most of the time.

Nate is coming back to Atlanta in a few months. He will be here while I’m either making my way across Europe or sleeping on the Jersey shore pretending that is my life. I have always seen Nate as my friend and at time my best friend but I think we both realized that last time we saw each other we aren’t going to be friends anymore. I thought I’d care more but I don’t.

John, if you read this, we should be together again. I oddly enough miss being your wife. I know you are smiling at that thought but honestly where else am I going to find a straight queen to protect me from all the nasty bears?

Post Script: I want to see that signature one of these days.

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