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The one about the loft…

Well Adam and I went to look at lofts on friday and needless to say I think Mr. Adam and Mr. Anthony will be living in the coolest fucking loft soon. I’m extremely excited since I will soon by on my own in Georgia. I think I am more excited about the idea of all the parties we could throw. I really want to throw a fetching new year’s eve party , one that will make the one I throw two years ago look like complete shite. This is a huge step for me and I’m glad Adam will be there with me. I don’t say this enough about Adam but I really appreciate him being in my life. He’s like school in summer time…no class *ha*.

Oh and I fucking hate DMV photos, I know everyone is also saying their photo is horrible but the photos my mom and I took today were just fucking fugly. Like my mom is hot, ask anyone, and the fucker who took our photos today made us look like spastics. I honestly want to go back get a new one taking. Like it’s not horrible (Joe thinks it’s ok) but I just don’t think it’s as cute as let’s say my LJ icon or my school id. Oh well, Passover is almost over and I am proud to say I have not even tried to stay kosher, in fact I think I’ve been more unkosher this week then ever.

I have a crush on someone.

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